Azrieli Foundation Israel

Azrieli Foundation Israel is a registered Israeli non-profit organization (amutah) that is dedicated to strengthening Israeli society by advancing initiatives in the fields of education, medical and scientific research, community, welfare, arts and culture.

The Foundation continues the Azrieli family's tradition of giving, which began in the 1980's. The Israeli foundation was established in 2008 thanks to funding and support of the Azrieli family. Its values are grounded on David Azrieli's commitment to help individuals make the most of their potential. Today Azrieli Foundation Israel's funding sources include transfers from the Azrieli Foundation in Canada, donations from the Azrieli Group and income from its holdings in the group.

Azrieli Foundation Israel works in close collaboration with Azrieli Foundation in Canada.

The Foundation’s activities focus on:

  • Philanthropic donations to non-profit organizations and institutions in Israel in the fields of:
    • Education, with special emphasis on:
      • Reducing educational gaps
      • Technological/vocational education
      • Environmental education
      • Pluralistic Jewish education
      • Architecture and design
      • Holocaust education
    • Medical and scientific research
    • Developmental disabilities
    • Israeli society and welfare
    Arts and culture, with emphasis on music
  • Management of the Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment, which operates in more than 80 middle schools in Israel and close to 4,000 students on empowerment and dropout prevention.
  • Management of the Azrieli Fellows Program which promotes academic excellence and leadership by provision of Israeli graduate studies fellowships, international post-doctoral fellowships and returning faculty fellowships.

Most donations are initiated by the Foundation and yet, the Foundation does consider proposals from non-profit organizations in Israel that operate in its areas of interest, and according to its criteria.